David Durst


I am sad to have to report that David Durst, a member for over 45 years, has died at the age of 100 years and 7 months. He died on Wednesday at Letheringset Hall, a care home where he has lived for the past two years.


David was a regular member at meetings, field meetings and at Gunton Mill working party's. He was a regular contributor to the Journal, and combined his researches on Letheringset in his book on Letheringset Industries.


NIAS was well represented at the memorial service for David on 1st August.


The Way Forward


Following our AGM in October we have now started monthly meetings, during winter by Zoom, and with the lighter evenings and hopefully less illness about, in person meetings. Dates have been set, and venues for meetings are being confirmed. A mix of lectures and social gatherings.


Numbers joining us on Zoom have been increasing, and so far our policy of starting meetings half an hour early and allowing time for talking after has proved popular, providing some of the social interaction we all miss.


We have now scheduled  Spring and Summer programme with in person meetings. We will review winter season meetings later, but are planning September and October meetings as in person meetings.